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Where You Can Get Your Favorite Nike Air Jordan Shoes

If you’re looking for authentic Nike air jordan shoes, it’s best to play it safe and avoid fakes. Here are some tips that carry authentic Nikes, including a few reputable dealers with hard-to-find and rare styles.

If you’re a Nike fan, you’re going to love Nike iD – Nike air Jordan shoes you can customize and personalize by clicking buttons. Select from the available models; choose different materials and colors for different parts of the shoes; specify the swoosh color; and even add your name. When you’re done (which could be a while – this tool is too fun to play with!), you can save your design, or order the shoes.

The above are great for finding the latest releases from Nike free. But if you’re looking for a collectible or hard to find pair of shoes, check out the following sites — all of which have good reputations and claim to be very serious about only selling authentic merchandise.

Specializing in Nike air jordan, this site has a huge selection of limited, rare and out of production shoes from around the world. With a mission to educate the consumer, In Style Shoes also has a great deal of information about fakes, including how to spot them.

With a staff of shoe experts and collectors examine their stock for authenticity, Pick Your Shoes has a good reputation and only sell authentic shoes. Their supply is purchased from authorized Nike resellers, and while many sellers of fakes and variants will claim to be suppliers for this site, don’t be fooled – visit their site for the real deal.

And finally, if your Nike-buying needs still haven’t been met, you can use this handy tool to locate an authorized Nike store retailer near you, or find Nike factory and Nike outlet stores in your area.