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Nike Factory Store Arrival of The 100 Pairs of Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’

Portland, Nike factory store arrival of the 100 pairs of Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’, the tongue is the Nike Air of the Logo, with a very nice leather material, which can be considered closest to the texture of the first year. Some people may ask, loyal to the first year of the 100 version of Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’ how it will appear in discount stores, which only shows the 100 pair is not enough time to destroy, so we quickly moved to the factory shop.

Chaos, Luanzhongqusheng attention from a high school student has never been a player all the way to the top league players, Tracy McGrady experienced such a change simply by a move to achieve, and also because of the magic from the Raptors to Teams such a transformation process, he has a pair of signature shoes have the power to enter the Union from the beginning, he has been wearing adidas shoes, starting with the basis of natural feet series shoes shoes, a pair were seen later The mass of the Mad Handle, but at this time, for the adidas contract with the other two players, Kobe Bryant and Walker, but have already enjoyed the signature shoe of the treatment. McGrady decided to launch when a pair of adidas signature shoe, when he had moved to Orlando for the second year, adidas introduced a timely manner so that the pair of shoes T-Mac has become one of the year’s hottest shoes, after the introduction of The T-Mac 2 although T-Mac as hot, but really strange, because this pair of shoes in the eyes of many people with T-Mac is basically the same, why is this pair of shoes adidas will launch it?

PACMAN Dumo revenge Toxic Avenger, Nike SB Global Offering in August this week, the second wave of limited edition Nike SB skateboarding shoes on sale in August the second wave of global limited edition skate shoes new, including two ultra-limited, and a Classic Low Dunk . The first two ultra-limited edition Dunk PACMAN Pac Pac Edition Dunk Hi, the other is Toxic Avenger version Dumo Dunk Low revenge thin tongue section. Toxic Avenger version of which Dumo Dunk Low Revenge thin tongue high reputation in overseas models, Dumo revenge Toxic Avenger movie is controversial U.S. terrorist 80s superhero movie.